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Re: Aliases for /dev/null: Clarification about krooger's platform

To: debian-vote@lists.debian.org
> This is why I suspect ftpmaster is a particular instance of some
> more general problem. At the moment, is there a constititional
> loophole that one can avoid tech-ctte overruling one (the only
> time complaints are mentioned) by never acting?

I'm having trouble understanding this question.

How can the tech-ctte override a developer by not acting?

To override decisions made by individual developers, a number of very
specific requirements need to be met.  (Typically: a technical issue
which isn't clearly within the scope of an individual developer, where
the developers do not agree on how to resolve the problem, and where
a significant majority of the technical committee do agree on how to
resolve the problem).

[That aside: people complain about things in general, and the technical
committee in specific, on a far broader range of topics than "overrulling
one".  But given that I might have completely misunderstood what's being
asked, I'm not sure if this is relevant.]


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