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Re: Clarification about krooger's platform

> I'm glad you mentioned this.  An "informal group" "working quietly and
> effectively" seems to lack accountability and public transparency.

Rightio.  So your problems are (i) secrecy, and (ii) lack of accountability.

As for secrecy, I find your objections interesting.  The debian-women
project has been making great efforts to actively improve transparency
of processes and access to relevant documentation throughout debian.
Immediate examples that come to mind include their detailed articles on
the NM process, the new mentoring programme that they are developing and
a growing collection of entry-level articles on packaging and bug
squashing.  As for their own processes, they use a public mailing list,
a public IRC channel, post regular summaries of off-list activity and
have regular online meetings whose minutes are publicly posted.  Their
goals and guidelines are publicly available on their website.  Doesn't
entirely smack of secrecy to me.

And as for accountability: who do you want them made accountable to?
Ah, the DPL, which would be.. well, you.  Mmmm.



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