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Re: Question for candidate Towns

Frank Küster wrote:
Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> schrieb:
Frank Küster wrote:
Given I personally worked around the lack of ftpmaster support for
pools for a good six to twelve months while developing testing, I
think I've got a reasonable basis for thinking this isn't such a big
This work wasn't targetted at users at that stage, was it?
I was certainly trying to make it useful for users at the time.
But you were not working on boot-floppies, or d-i as it would be now.

That's right: I was working on something that wasn't needed for release, so until the release happened, I worked around the lack of support from ftpmaster and whoever else I might have liked to have had involved. Once the release was out, I helped the ftpmaster and apt folks with the work that needed to be done to include testing in the pool -- by which I mean I helped them solve whatever problems I could, not tried to push the solutions I had down their throats despite their objections.

And note that people working on d-i or other release critical issues don't need to work around ftpmaster now, they just need to get Steve or Colin or Joey to point out that something needs prioritisation.

And while it might have been okay for some users to add this line to
their sources.list, it is my strong believe that such an approach,
generally taken, would do Debian strong harm.

I'd actually say that any approach _other than_ working around problems while they can't be fixed, and keeping track of them so that they are fixed when they can be does Debian a great deal of harm.


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