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debian-women obscurity, was: Clarification about krooger's platform

Matthew Palmer <mpalmer@debian.org> wrote:
> > I didn't find "the new mentoring programme" either. I remember being
> > told some time ago that a mentor course would be announced,
> > but now you mention it, I don't recall ever seeing it.
> Oh my god, MJ Ray missed an announcement!  Everyone, stop what you're doing,
> we need to announce something to MJ personally.

Be serious. I'm subscribed to debian-announce and
debian-devel-annouce, and I join and leave other lists as
I get time to work in those fields. I'm a frequent visitor
to the debian web site and its developer corner. I read
planet.debian.net sometimes. If debian-women are so good at
communicating, why don't I see it? It's entirely possible that
debian-women's comms are brilliant and I'm doing something wrong,
but I can't think what it is.

> > Both their list and IRC judge you and if they consider you a
> > "troll" then there is a secret silence against you [...]
> The sky is falling!  A community has standards and is enforcing them!

No, it's that that community's enforcement methods and secrecy
should not allow it to be part of debian. "We won't hide
problems" and all that. I'm told off-list that debian-women's
lists and site have actually banned some dissenters. Is that
true and how can I see the reasoning?

> > Notice that most of the points under how to avoid being sexist
> > haven't actually been done yet. There are members of single-sex
> > linuxchix chapters active in the subproject too. While it's
> Guilt by (tenuous) association.  There's a Debian developer with white
> supremacist tendencies, too, does that make us all nazis?

I've been labelled because I fit a similar description to others,
so why not label debian nazi if there is a nazi DD? I think that
shows the absurdity of some debian-women contributors.

Myself, I'm worried by presence of white supremacists and will
act against racial-discriminatory messages and actions, just
as I'm worried by presence of female supremacists and will act
against sexual-discriminatory messages and actions.

I think it's a problem that most of the points under how to
avoid being sexist haven't actually been done yet, while the
other is merely a worry.

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