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Re: Question for A. Towns - NM

pe, 2005-03-04 kello 04:21 -0800, Anthony Towns kirjoitti:
> I tend to think having a simple "post a non-private 
> message to -private, and you'll be suspended from the lists for a week, 
> and followups to the message will be bounced" would be both effective, 
> and require very little enforcement after the first instance.

I suspect this will raise all sorts of paranoia about censorship.
Because of this, I suggest it would be particularly important that such
decisions are documented (at least for the duration they are in effect)
and that there is also a venue that will always be open (say, a new
list, debian-unmoderated). Other than that, I think it may prove to be a
good thing in the long run to invest some effort in avoiding clutter and
flames on our lists.

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