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Re: Questions to candidates - Debian/FSF discussions

* <tbm@cyrius.com> [2004-03-03 17:13]:
> > Has all this talking resulted in even an iota of concrete movement
> > on the official FSF position?  Have there been any real promises
> > made that there is indeed going to be a change, from hte powers
> > that be in the FSF?  Is there anything solid we can show our users
> > about movement on this issue, neyond a bunch of people wandering
> > around talking about it behind the scenes?
> I think this is getting off-topic for -vote and that it should be
> moved to -project.  In any case, yes, the FSF promised us to make an
> announcement about this matter, but everything was delayed due to
> the reasons mentioned in the other mail.  Anyway, I just mailed Don
> and asked him to get a new status report from Eben.

Eben told me that there is a FSF board meeting at the end of this
month and that we can expect some updates shortly afterwards.

Martin Michlmayr

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