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Re: Questions to candidates - Debian/FSF discussions

On 2004-03-03 07:12:40 +0000 Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org> wrote:

However, I'm sympathetic to RMS having been injured, and I'm sympathetic to Eben Moglen having to work overtime to counter the outrageous FUD and
untruths being spewed by SCO and its shadowy partners.

Hrm, emails like this should have "X-Warning: includes moderation and conciliatory noises, may scare native animals" on them.

It's now over four years since RMS asked -legal for comments on the FDL. Do DPL candidates think agreement is likely in the next three months? How much longer should this discussion be given? What would they do to see more FDL-caused bugs in Debian closed during their term?

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