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Re: Just a single Question for the Candidates

On Thu, 4 Mar 2004 06:17:20 -0500, Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org> said: 

> On Wed, Mar 03, 2004 at 11:06:40PM -0600, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>> Indeed.  For once I am ashamed to be a member of such a narrow
>> minded, bigoted group.
>> Helen, please accept my apologies; we are not quite grown up enough
>> to be able to interact with women yet.

> Speak for yourself, sir.

> The interactions I've had with female Debian developers have
> uniformly been positive; these include Susan G. Kleinmann, Amaya
> Rodrigo Sastre, C.M. Connelly, and Genise Pearce.

	I see. So, since you did nothing wrong, does that mean that
 obviously Debian is not a hostile environment for women? That we have
 nothing to address?

> I enjoy good working relationships with women in my workplace as
> well; one has forgotten more mathematics than I'll ever know, and
> another can most certainly leave me bleeding and broken if we had a
> copy-editing and English-usage throwdown.  :)


> And I don't think I'm at all unique in this regard.  I refuse to
> characterize Debian by anyone's rash actions, or even by our rashest
> members.  To do so deeply devalues our better-behaved comrades, who
> are in the majority.

	This is hilarious. I have one counter example, so all the
 reports and evidence of a hostile environment must be
 untrue. I have personally never killed anyone, so of course
 there are no murders -- how can there be?

	I do not mistreat women, so obviously women do not have a
 harder time interacting with people in Debian -- and no way am I, a
 project member, responsible for their experiences. Just wonderful. I
 ain't doing it, so it ain't happenin' and I certinly ain't
 responsible, so no need to apologize.

	You should read the following chapter, that addresses
 particularly your brand of protest:


	Such a wash of illogic from someone normally ground in logic
 smacks of denial.

> I, for one, see a distinction between problem-solving and
> self-flagellation.  In my view, the latter is of extremely
> questionable utility.

	Ah yes. Deny the significance of the of the problem. Anyone
 who openly acknowledges that a problem exists, castigate them for
 self flagellation. Quietly sweep it all under the rug. Move along,
 folks. Every thing's fine and dandy. Nothing to see here.

	Really, read up on

"Athens built the Acropolis.  Corinth was a commercial city,
interested in purely materialistic things.  Today we admire Athens,
visit it, preserve the old temples, yet we hardly ever set foot in
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