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Re: non-free and users?

Raul Miller wrote:

Do you mean that by distributing non-free we do the best what we can?
Why? Even if we can work on free instead of non-free?

When there is no completely free alternative, we distribute the best
alternatives available.

If you think counter examples exist, please describe them.

I do not know counter examples, I do not know a lot about about
non-free licenses. I know that packages which are there do not satisfy
DFSG. Those which I know are: some hw drivers, pine?, RFC, possible some
fonts. I understand what you are doing. I do not understand why it is
the best what you can do.

I think we got an agreement on what is that action which is the source
of all problems specific to non-free. It is distribution under non-free
license. We also (I hope) got an agreement on the fact that providing
people of what they need is good. We got an agreement (probaly I am too
optimistic) on those examples which I provide, at least regarding the
question on how the evil is produced. Is this true?

Is all of this above true?

Best regards, Sergey Spiridonov

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