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Re: non-free and users?

On Sun, 2004-01-18 at 05:31, Raul Miller wrote:

> Yes:
> Dropping non-free would prevent Debian developers from distributing any
> non-free packages (such as GFDL).

No it wouldn't. Nothing would prevent a developer from joining the
nonfree.org project, etc.

> Perhaps some of this value is pure convenience (being able to use
> apt-cache search and apt-get install to install documentation for a
> program they're trying to use).

That isn't because a package is in Debian, it's because its in

> Perhaps some of this value is in the way we deal with conflicts and
> requirements (probably not an issue for GFDL, but an issue for some of
> the other software in non-free).

With a little coordination with nonfree.org, none of that would change.

> So, when I'm talking about "prevent distribution of", I'm talking
> about "prevent distribution of non-free", not "prevent distribution
> of upstream".

But this GR doesn't do that. It just prevents it from being distributed
on Debian's FTP servers.

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