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Re: Proposed ballot for the constitutional amendment

Manoj Srivastava:

> 	If people cannot understand:
>      "Do _NOT_ encrypt your ballot; the voting mechanism shall not be
>       able to decrypt your message."
>  they should not be getting a say in amending our constitution.

To me, the meaning seems clear: The voting software is located in a
jurisdiction where encryption is not allowed, so it may not read
encrypted ballots.

I just re-read the book on English grammar I used in school, and it
says that your use of "shall" is valid in British English, but only for
the first person, not for the third person as it is used above. "I
shall not be able to...", but "It will not be able to...".

It also says that the use is archaic and should be avoided. I tend to
agree, it just confuses people (as you may have noted from the
multitude of posts about it).

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