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Re: Constitutional amendment: Condorcet/Clone Proof SSD vote tallying

Anthony Towns wrote:
> For reference, "back to the Condorcet standard" is not what we
> want here. The default option allows allows us to combine condorcet
> preferential voting, with an approval-vote style calculation of majorities
> or acceptability.

the proposal uses Condorcet as a standard, and tries to add Quota and
Supermajority options in a way that does not break Condorcet.

the way that Quota is handled does break Condorcet, by allowing a winner
that is not the Ideal Democratic Winner. my amendment fixes that issue.

my amendment does not address the issue of Supermajority.

> > while ensuring that a few developers (less that R) cannot make
> > any ``stealth decisions''.
> Likewise, the quorum requirement is made on a per-option basis
> specifically to ensure that there's no bias in the system -- that is,
> there's no incentive not to vote for an option you like, because that
> would in any way make it more likely for an option you dislike to win.

it inherently biases the default option. my amendment removes that bias.
may i assume that you beleive all voters support the default option in
all cases?

> For reference, my only quibbles with the draft are in the wording of:

Manoj addressed these sufficiently in Message-ID:


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