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Re: Q to all 3: DPL appointed positions

On Thu, Mar 07, 2002 at 06:37:51AM +1100, Glenn McGrath wrote:
> There are a number of delegates appointed by the debian project leader to
> perform important tasks within debian. Who do you intend to appoint to
> these positions ? If you arent prepared to announce names yet, will you do
> so prior to the start of voting ?

There are no present delegates that I intend to remove.  There are
areas where I think additional delegates are needed on existing teams,
however; there's plenty of work to go around, and I think the people who
have already risen to delegate positions are more likely to be
overwhelmed than to shirk their work.  So, I'd like to try and make sure
that the current delegates are less "whelmed".  :)

I do not think it is appropriate at this time to name individuals that I
would be appointing -- for one thing, I'd need to ask them if they're
interested first.  To do so, I think, could unfairly influence those
individuals' votes, or could be perceived as an attempt to do so.  I'd
rather people voted with their consciences unfettered by the promise of

There are two exceptions to the above rule, since I'm already pretty
confident how these individuals will vote.  Both of my fellow candidates
are sufficiently impressive people that I'd like to identify positions
they might be happy with.  Both Raphaël and Bdale have demonstrated
plenty of initiative in running for DPL, and both have identified issues
near and dear to their hearts that they'd like to work on.  I think it
would only be fair, if I am elected, for me to give them the opportunity
to do so.

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