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Question restated

> As DPL, you can expect me to take action when I see that our policies, or
> the quality of our distribution, are being threatened.  However, you need
> only expect me to act as DPL on such issues as a last resort.  Most of
> the time, I think problems like the ones you point out can be addressed
> by ordinary Debian Developers, or by the DSA team.

I think this answer hedges on the question a little bit.  The context of
the question was something like "I feel you've been rude to people in the
past - if you're elected DPL will you continue to use such a tone?"

Your answer make sense, basically you won't wield the stick of DPL too much
if possible.  (Whatever stick there is to wield anyways ;-)) But the
question still stands in my mind - when acting simply as Branden Robinson
would you plan on softening your tone some?  Even if you're not signing
emails as "the almighty DPL", if you're being perceived as rude - even if
it's not your intention - you'd still be the DPL and that might sour people
on the project in general.

Here's a better example where you might have come across as being rude:

To me it doesn't matter if the statement made was justified or not - I
don't really want to see the DPL making such comments in public forums.

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