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Re: 3 questions

noel@debian.org (Noel Koethe) writes:

> 1. How often should there be a stable release if possible?
> (every x month)

It would be cool if we could arrange to have a major release every 12 months,
and point releases every 2-3 months.  The exact intervals are less important 
to me than becoming more *predictable* about releases... and never going as
long again as we have between potato and woody.

> 2. The Debian Security tracks only the stable release. Raphael
> have the idea of a second security team which will work on the
> security of testing/unstable. What do you, Bdale and Branden,
> think about the security of testing/unstable?

There are really two problems here.  The first is getting the work done to
make fixed packages available, the second is making it easy for our users to
keep their systems up to date with security fixes.  

I'm not too worried about getting security fixes into unstable, that usually 
seems to happen in fairly short order.

Suitable use of upload priorities on security uploads will go a long way 
towards getting security fixes into testing in a timely fashion, but given
the various criteria for promotion to testing, may not be a complete solution.
I haven't spent much time thinking about this recently, but coming up with a 
way to make it easy for our users to get security fixes out of unstable that 
haven't propagated into testing yet may deserve some attention.

> 3. Branden wrote in his platform about removing non-free
> software from the Debian infrastructure especially the qmail
> MTA on lists.debian.org. Bdale and Raphael, should this step
> have a high priority in the Debian project?

Yes, I too would like to see our use of non-free software in Debian 
infrastructure end.  

Regarding qmail, I've been asking for a while when we might switch to 
postfix, and I believe some investigation of the issues involved may already
be underway.


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