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Re: 3 questions

On Mon, Mar 04, 2002 at 08:03:40PM +0100, Noel Koethe wrote:
> Hello,
> I have these questions to the candidates:
> 1. How often should there be a stable release if possible?
> (every x month)

I would personally be happy with a release cycle of between 6 months to
1 year.  However, see section VI of my platform for a more detailed

> 2. The Debian Security tracks only the stable release. Raphael
> have the idea of a second security team which will work on the
> security of testing/unstable. What do you, Bdale and Branden,
> think about the security of testing/unstable?

I'd like to see a cost/benefit analysis of Raphaël's idea; if the ratio
is low (low cost), then I think it's a good idea.

I think the benefit part of the equation increases if our release
lag time issues aren't sufficiently addressed.

> 3. Branden wrote in his platform about removing non-free
> software from the Debian infrastructure especially the qmail
> MTA on lists.debian.org.

To clarify, I said I'd like to put together a team to analyze the
feasibility of doing this; it's not something I am bent upon.

For more information, see section X of my platform.

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