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Re: 3 questions

Bdale Garbee wrote:
> noel@debian.org (Noel Koethe) writes:
> > 1. How often should there be a stable release if possible?
> > (every x month)
> It would be cool if we could arrange to have a major release every 12 months,
> and point releases every 2-3 months.  The exact intervals are less important 
> to me than becoming more *predictable* about releases... and never going as
> long again as we have between potato and woody.

FYI: stable point releases are made every 2 months.  This will
continue as long as I can afford it and the ftpmaster required is
around (which is not the case currently, though).

> Regarding qmail, I've been asking for a while when we might switch to 
> postfix, and I believe some investigation of the issues involved may already
> be underway.

I'm already testing postfix and lists software on a different server.
It's not that easy to switch because postfix works different.  Due
to this a switch would cause extra load on listmasters/their infrastructure.
So, mainly, this depends on me implementing it safely.  I doubt any
DPL can force it faster.



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