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Re: Questions to Candidates

jordi@debian.org (Jordi Mallach) writes:

>   Again, what is your stand about non-free & Debian?

I'm satisfied with the current situation.

I am pleased that advances in Open Source web browsers are reducing the 
number of Debian users who feel they have an absolute need for software from
non-free.  Bill Geddes and I came up with the 'vrms' package as a way of 
helping our users make *conscious* decisions about having non-free packages 
on their systems, and I encourage folks to review their dependencies on 
non-free packages periodically as more and more Open Source solutions become 
available to meet their needs.  But I have no philosophical problem with 
non-free existing, and I think the current implementation is a good balance 
between meeting the needs of our users, and maintaining our strong focus on 
Free Software.

>   Would you push to get a final answer on that debate?

No, I feel no need to reopen the debate.

>   What would you do to solve the ambiguities that were found in our
>   Constitution during that debate?

I believe we are adequately served by our Constitution and Social Contract
as they stand.  If others disagree, I will support actions within our defined
processes to resolve the issues...  but I would strongly prefer to focus my 
energy on activities with greater potential benefit to Debian and our users.


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