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Re: Proposed General Resolution : IRC as a Debian communication channel

Le Sun, Nov 04, 2001 at 06:38:40AM -0500, Branden Robinson écrivait:
> > Great, I'm glad to hear that what I said is only common sense. Now if
> > you can convince the operator in question to respect that common sense,
> > i may have no problem stopping here with the GR.
> I suggest you try and scare up anyone who's been kicked from the channel
> since the thread about the channel started on debian-private.

I never said that, if you read carefully my message :
| I acknowledge the fact that he stopped kicking people since the the
| issue came out, but I wonder what he will do if I withdraw my general
| resolution.

By "issue came out" I meant started being discussed on debian-private.
But since the content of that list shouldn't be discussed publicly
unless people agree about that I didn't want to mention it explicitely.

The end of the sentence may also have confused you because I talk about
the General Resolution. However I (and you) know that the GR is not the
reason explaining that you stopped kicking people.

I hope that this clarifies my statement.

Now, for the real issue, in order to try to solve the problem in an
intelligent manner would you like to respond to these questions ? Thanks
in advance.

Do you consider that the General Resolution proposed here is only common
sense ?

Since you stopped kicking people, I suppose that you do so until we
decide on a policy. If I withdraw my proposal, there will never be any
formal policy. So what would be the rules that you would apply for
#debian-devel (since you're an operator) ?

I sincerely hope we can find a consensus so that we can avoid a vote.
I only want you to explain publicly that you will kick (and/or ban)
people from #debian-devel *only* if they contribute to the noise
and if they don't take into account warnings emitted by you and other
usual participants in the channel. 

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