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Re: Non-Free Warning at Package Install -- Was: Alternate proposal

Craig Brozefsky wrote:
> As a user, I would prefer if it happened every time.  With apt it is
> not really easy to know when non-free software is coming on too my
> system unless I'm particularly astute.

How comes ? I use apt combined with dselect so maybe I am missing some
points here. But I just re-read the man page of apt-get and (maybe I
read it too fast) but there was no reference on installing new software
unless you don't ask for it explicitely. So, non-free will be downloaded
only in these three (3) situations (from my experience):

- you already have the package installed (You made your choice when you
first installed it)
- you asked for the package from non-free to be installed (You've just
read the infos about the package and agreed on the consecuences)
- you asked for a package from contrib (dselect will clearly show you
the depencencies).

Can dist-upgrade introduce more non-free packages on the system ? Do we
have packages that do this (depend on more and more non-free packages) ?

The only flow here is that dselect can't tell you why the package is
non-free. Can the dselect be changed to display the licence of the
package ? Shouldn't be so hard (one more key-binding that will extract
and display the copyright file). No change to the packages, thought an
short note (that discribe why the package is non-free) to the
description of the package would be wellcome.

Use 3 different colors for the software from main, contrib and non-free


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