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Re: The Gordian Knot (was Re: Negative Summary of the Split Proposal)

On Jul 08, Richard Stallman wrote:
>     What I understand you want is a page, or set of pages, that just talk
>     about the "main" section and don't link to anywhere that talks about
>     contrib or non-free.
> That is part of the issue: I would like to be able to refer people to
> an official Debian web site, without thus referring people to the
> non-free packages.  This is not the whole of the issue because the web
> is not the only interface people use to access the list of Debian
> packages.  What apt does is also important, and other interfaces
> including (if my memory serves me) FTP.

I think it would be sufficient to have an interface to the most common
methods (apt, dselect) that avoids references to non-free.  Anyone
doing direct access with FTP these days almost certainly is either (a)
someone downloading stuff to relay home (sneakernet) or (b) looking
for the boot disks (which are under main anyway).

I also think it is only necessary to make changes where you want to
refer people to.  If you want to refer them to "gnu.debian.org" web
site (a better name than "debian.gnu.org" if we're going to do the
work), then that site should be sufficient, and can be constructed as
I previously outlined with minimal hassle (because it's 100%
transparent to our existing users), without any references to
non-free.  Then, gnu.debian.org can be mirrored elsewhere by people
who want a pure DFSG page set, and www.debian.org can continue to be
mirrored by people who like the existing setup.

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