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Re: complaints about vote announcements (was: Re: The Ugly Logo and the Consequences)

On Sat, Jun 12, 1999 at 11:40:44AM -0400, Branden Robinson wrote:
> [sorry for this off-topic post, I will attempt to restrain myself from
> commenting on this thread further]
> On Fri, Jun 11, 1999 at 05:47:27PM +0200, Sven LUTHER wrote:
> > What i disagree with, is that i didn't know that i was highly recommended to read
> > devel-announce, didn't even know about the list, but i guess that after the mess i
> > made here about that, most people will be aware now. :) ...

Ok, now wait a bit, your mail was quite agressive. I didn't know i have to
read sdebian-devel-announce, i read debian-private, asd i was told i should
read, i have a look at debian-devel as i was told it is recommended to be
informed on what is going one there, I read debian-ppc and debian-m68k, and am
subscribed to debian-legal, though i have not the time to read a lot there.

i was also subscirbed to debian-vote and the last messages i received from
there was dated december 5 or something such. I subscribed to it when it was
announced that voting stuff was going to be held there. 

i don't read weakly announcement, because i thought that the latest news stuff
contains really the latest news, but it don't seems so, i stand corrected.

And remember, there are some of us who have work beside our commitement to
debian, and not really the time to read innumbrable mailing lists, browse lots
of web pages, and so on ...

And comming from you, who didn't even bother responding to me when i offered
you some help with the ppc specific part of the xserver, ...

And concerning the logo, there was lot of discution about on the lists, i
followed some of it, but it started month ago, and the only thing i really
missed was the actual vote.

> If you are unwilling to survey the list of available Debian mailing lists
> and thus determine which ones you'd like to be subscribed to, that's your
> problem.

how many lists there are ? you well know that you subscribe to what you are
interrested, and not all of us have time to spend looking at the content of
every mailing list. Beside, i _was_subscribed to debian­vote.

> If you want to maintain your packages for Debian and do nothing else,
> remaining in almost perfect isolation and ignorance of developments, that
> is your right.  But no obligation is imposed on the rest of the Debian
> development community to read your mind and bring things you think you
> might be interested in to your attention.  If people do such things for
> you, it is a favor, not a duty.

> You have a right to be informed about changes in the Debian Project that
> *DIRECTLY* affect you.  I.e., need to change your password on master,
> someone wants to NMU one of your packages, etc.  Anything else is icing.
> The logo is representative of the Debian COMMUNITY.  It is not the "Sven
> LUTHER" logo; if it were then you would be justified in your demands to be
> informed.  But your *influence* in a community is, and should be,
> proportional to your *involvement* in that community.  If you can't be
> bothered to get involved, then you do not merit much influence.

So does our constitution say that only very active developpers have a right to
vote, i don't think so, so if you voted for it, it is not just there to make a
nice web page, but to be followed. And because today i don't have much time
for more than maintiaing my packages, don't mean yesterday or tommorrow that
will not change, also being one of the non-i386 developper, mean we have to do
more work for that than you i386 centric guys.

And since i made the mistake to try to have a set of working X package for my
plateform back in january, while you were happily having flamewar on
debian-devel, i know you don't like me. Now i submit the X specific stuff
directly to the Xfree people, easier to do.

> Unfriendly,

How rude of you, ...



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