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Re: Logging off an X session closes all ssh -X connections started previously from outside X

On 05 May 2023 16:10, tomas@tuxteam.de wrote:
I have now full logs of before/after GUI logon/logoff, I posted them in the
other post.
Will try to make sense of it with this lead ... after a needed break ^^

I saved that for a look during weekend, now I'm supposed to fix
an update of... forget it :)

Hmmm, don't put my logs on the interwebs ! Wait, what did I do ... Damn it, too late ! ;) Joke aside, that's a nice thing to even think about, even if you don't do it in the end.

Happy update fixing then, but would be nice to know what the problem is, in case we have it too ?

I don't know whether there's a way to tell the DE to leave the
user session dbus alone when it was already running at start.

Don't even know what you mean, so to do it ... ^^

Too long to explain.
But that might explain also why I dislike that stuff.

The first sentence, damn, that's now two times you do it to me !
(I'm just messing with you, no anger there ;) Even if, to be totally honest, as much as this time I totally understand your POV, the 1st time I was really disappointed).

I agree about the last sentence though, always KISS ! ^^
(KISS without a comma, for those who know what I'm talking about)

Nicolas Boileau said :

Ce que l’on conçoit bien s’énonce clairement,
Et les mots pour le dire arrivent aisément

What we conceive well is clearly stated,
And the words to say it come easily.
  /other translation/
Whatever is well conceived is clearly said,
And the words to say it flow with ease

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