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Re: Logging off an X session closes all ssh -X connections started previously from outside X

On 05 May 2023 06:32, tomas@tuxteam.de wrote:
dbus is a candidate. Let me explain: I have a funny setup -- no systemd,
no dbus (still, Debian buster, and X).

I'm on bullseye, I know how to switch back to old init, but have no clue about Dbus (kinda a Linux-GUI-with-systemd noob). Which DE/DM you using ? I'm on MATE but also would like to get rid of many "gvfs-*" stuff. systemctl masking is not enough and filling logs with errors.

At some point in time, the browser (firefox) brought in dbus via some
dependencies. Annoyed, I killed dbus -- and poof, all browser instances
were gone.

Another thing I might try. But no clue what's the relation between dbus and firefox. Also, I'm running FF in firejail.

If I inhibit dbus from starting, the browsers run fine without it. My
hunch is that they keep an open socket conection to the dbus and die
on SIGPIPE or some such.

Again, curious how to get rid of dbus, if it's not really useful.

So yes, if all those apps are sharing "the" session dbus, possibly
started by whoever came first *and* the logout takes the session
dbus down, this might be an explanation.

Again, dunno, after domU boot I usually first login via SSH, and on rare occasions I login via GUI/VNC, and then ... boom.

Now don't ask me why I try to avoid that ;-)

If only I knew beforehand ^^



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