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Logging off an X session closes all ssh -X connections started previously from outside X

Hi all,

this is a rather strange problem, I hope the title is explicit enough.

Here is what happens chronologically :

1. I start various SSH connections to a host, some normal, some with X forwarding, like that: "ssh user@host" and "ssh -X -n user@host GUI_APP" (like firejail firefox, firejail thunderbird, etc). There's no user connected under X yet, only the greeter is displayed.

2. using VNC or rdesktop, I then log on to X on the machine, do some stuff, then hit "log off" from the desktop menu. Immediately, ALL the previous SSH connections started in step 1 get closed, hence all the shells and the GUI apps (firefox, etc) !

Everything is done using the same local and remote users (same UID but different names). sshd is the parent process of all my remote SSH sessions.

I don't get how apps and shells NOT started via the X session, moreover previously to its creation, are closed when the X session closes, what's happening here ?! As the outcome is the same with VNC and rdesktop, I guess the problem is lying in the OS. Could it be related to logind ? Or an SSH(d) setting ?

Both systems are Debian 11/bullseye stable with X(org).
The client is running XFCE (but has MATE installed), the remote server is only running MATE (no other DE installed).
It happens since at least a year.

Ideas anyone ?

Have a nice evening,


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