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Re: Need some advice please.

On 05 May 2023 03:12, Byung-Hee HWANG wrote:
Usually i do backup into Google Drive (with only very important files).
So if system is crash, i go to re-install entire after format.

I hope you encrypt your data, and you have a good internet connection !
The easiest and fastest way to backup is on DVD/USB/external drive, so that you can restore offline.
(Ok ok, some internet connections are faster than a DVD/USB/ext drive !)
If on USB/external drive, preferably format the drive so it can be read on multiple OS. So prefer FAT32/exFAT, and avoid ext4, ZFS, NTFS, APFS, etc.

Follow the "3-2-1 rule" :

"The 3-2-1 rule [...] states that there should be at least *3 copies* of the data, stored on *2 different types of storage* media, and *one copy should be kept offsite*, in a remote location (this can include cloud storage)"

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Backup

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