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Re: Need some advice please.

On 5/4/23 17:00, Maureen L Thomas wrote:
The USB hub is plugged into the USB on the computer and does not have a power adapter with it, the seagate does not have a power adapter just a special plug with a usb on one end and the right one for the seagate but no power supply.

If I remove the USB hub I will not have a key board to use at all.  The mouse is plugged into the computer.  I have a Lenovo Think model and it does not have enough usb ports.

Before all of this I screwed with the /var and became unable to download updates or any files at all and brasero will not work so I can back up my home partition.  I screwed the pooch on this one and at 72 years old I have forgotten a lot of stuff.

So, your Lenovo Think[Center|Light|Pad|Station] has two (2) USB 2.0 or 3.0 type-A ports?

Can you plug the mouse and the keyboard into the hub, plug the hub into the computer, and plug the USB HDD into the computer?


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