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Re: Need some advice please.

On 05 May 2023 01:03, Maureen L Thomas wrote:
Ok so I cannot download any files to fix my /var section.  I have a 2 TB seagate that has a USB 3 cord to it.  I do not have an open USB port so I plugged it in to my USB hub thingy and it got shut down.  It is no longer usable.  So the question is I have a HDMI spot open on the computer and if I find a USB adapter to HDMI and plug it in will that work.

I looked and there are many different kinds and most are about monitors.  I don't want to blow up my seagate or my computer but am at a loss as to which way to go.

I plan on using the sea gate to back up my home partition and then install 11.6 on the computer and use the seagate as a back up.

Any ideas would be of great help.

HDMI is for monitors, not for USB devices.
Some USB ports can be used as display ports, but the opposite won't work. There are no USB to HDMI adapters for your use case.

Is your USB hub self-powered (ie. via a power adapter), or is it only using USB ?
Same for the seagate, does it only have a USB port, no power adapter ?

Also, can't you remove the USB hub to plug the Seagate directly to the computer ?

Do you have another computer and/or disk drive ?

PS: I didn't follow your previous posts as enough users were helping, please gimme the name and/or URL so I can read it

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