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Re: Need some advice please.

The USB hub is plugged into the USB on the computer and does not have a power adapter with it, the seagate does not have a power adapter just a special plug with a usb on one end and the right one for the seagate but no power supply.

If I remove the USB hub I will not have a key board to use at all.  The mouse is plugged into the computer.  I have a Lenovo Think model and it does not have enough usb ports.

Before all of this I screwed with the /var and became unable to download updates or any files at all and brasero will not work so I can back up my home partition.  I screwed the pooch on this one and at 72 years old I have forgotten a lot of stuff.

HDMI is for monitors, not for USB devices.
Some USB ports can be used as display ports, but the opposite won't work. There are no USB to HDMI adapters for your use case.

Is your USB hub self-powered (ie. via a power adapter), or is it only using USB ?
Same for the seagate, does it only have a USB port, no power adapter ?

Also, can't you remove the USB hub to plug the Seagate directly to the computer ?

Do you have another computer and/or disk drive ?

PS: I didn't follow your previous posts as enough users were helping, please gimme the name and/or URL so I can read it

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