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Re: shame on me (was: Re: No fool like an old fool (debian installation probs))

DdB wrote:
> I notice, that, even though i did change the name of the sda2 partition,
> the PARTLABEl remained unchanged.
> This proves my previous post wrong and i am sorry for the confusion,
> this may have caused. You were correct all along.
> DdB

  yes, but i also recall you saying something about zeroing
a device and if you did that by accident to an entire device
and not just a partition (that didn't have the boot/uefi stuff
on it) then that would indeed clear any labels.

  so sometimes without a clear record of what has been done
you do find yourself looking at a new device label and it's
not fun to correct if all of your scripts and procedure are
set up another way.


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