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Re: No fool like an old fool (debian installation probs)

On Mon 01 May 2023 at 13:08:56 (+0200), DdB wrote:

> One explanation of my choice to stick with PARTUUID's:
> In my overall stategy of using my computer, i am sometimes copying (dd)
> whole partitions into a backup, a secondary partition or a VM, which can
> easily lead to difficulties, if the same LABELS were used, which can be
> changed, but reside INSIDE the partition itself, whereas PARTUUID's
> reside in the GPT, which is not affected on partition copy operations.

PARTLABELs also reside in the GPT.

> Thus my choice was related to convenience, avoiding some adjustments
> after partition copy operations. Only the installer interferes with the
> so called "persistent" PARTUUID's, which i regard as being offensive (or
> ignorant - for that matter).

And PARTLABELs aren't interfered with even by the installer.

> I am going to fix that later (on my machine), returning to my preferred
> fstab format of using PARTUUID whereever appropriate.

Your choice, of course. This post is just FTR.


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