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Re: shame on me (was: Re: No fool like an old fool (debian installation probs))

On Tue 02 May 2023 at 12:10:48 (+0200), DdB wrote:

> I notice, that, even though i did change the name of the sda2 partition,
> the PARTLABEl remained unchanged.

It's rather confusing that gdisk (my preferred partitioner, which
I use outside the installer) refers to the PARTLABEL as the
partition's name rather than label:

  Command (? for help): c
  Using 1
  Enter name: Kirk01

  Command (? for help): i
  Using 1
  Partition GUID code: 0FC63DAF-8483-4772-8E79-3D69D8477DE4 (Linux filesystem)
  Partition unique GUID: 13005F6E-6289-4AB9-B36E-8689CF983EF5
  First sector: 2048 (at 1024.0 KiB)
  Last sector: 2930277134 (at 1.4 TiB)
  Partition size: 2930275087 sectors (1.4 TiB)
  Attribute flags: 0000000000000000
  Partition name: 'Kirk01'

and the symlinks¹ are:


I'm too old to type UUIDs except by copy/paste or by completion,
and they make my head spin, so I try to use LABELs and PARTLABELs
wherever possible. It's always been a disappointment that Grub
can't write LABELs automatically in grub.cfg, so I have a little
script that translates the UUIDs into LABELs using the information
in /run/udev/data/b8:* (b259:* for my SSD). I have to rerun it
after kernel and Grub upgrades.

¹ I have a suspicion that the system is tardier about updating
  the PARTLABEL symlinks than some of the others, after you
  change them with the {f,g,sg}disk program. But it's only a
  hunch: where it matters (ie the actual system disk), I reboot.


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