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No fool like an old fool (debian installation probs)

Am 01.05.2023 um 10:23 schrieb Michel Verdier:
> Le 1 mai 2023 DdB a écrit :
>> But omitting GNOME from the list lead to a system failing to boot with
>> tons of messages stating the absense of all kind of gnome parts.
> To install without gnome I select the task ssh server then after I
> manually select what I want, and a WM if needed.
Thank you for encouraging me. A good night sleep did help as well.
Following your advice, i retried a fresh install. This time round, i did
permit the reformatting of everything, and just noted a new todo to
resolve that later. But ...

The install succeeded, an sshd is running ON a machine with GNOME and
all its (un-) pleasant surprises like: firefox, openoffice, and much
more. But i know for sure, that i deselected it and only left Desktop +
ssh server. I guess, that means, that the installer chose gnome as its
preferred desktop.

Ok, i will go on from here, as i certainly want a DE + GNOME, only the
standard tools, i wouldnt have all of them.


One explanation of my choice to stick with PARTUUID's:
In my overall stategy of using my computer, i am sometimes copying (dd)
whole partitions into a backup, a secondary partition or a VM, which can
easily lead to difficulties, if the same LABELS were used, which can be
changed, but reside INSIDE the partition itself, whereas PARTUUID's
reside in the GPT, which is not affected on partition copy operations.
Thus my choice was related to convenience, avoiding some adjustments
after partition copy operations. Only the installer interferes with the
so called "persistent" PARTUUID's, which i regard as being offensive (or
ignorant - for that matter).

I am going to fix that later (on my machine), returning to my preferred
fstab format of using PARTUUID whereever appropriate.

Bonne journée

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