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Re: Request for guidance to output(print, i.e.) mouse movements, key press, perepherals insert, etc., on a terminal

Yassine Chaouche wrote:
> Le 4/25/23 à 06:00, Susmita/Rajib a écrit :
>> Try looking at "evtest".
>> [   ...   ]
>> Raed the manual of evtest. There are very little
>> example code lines. evtest isn't installed in the Official Debian
>> GNU/Linux Live 11.6.0 lxde 2022-12-17T11:46.
> I second evtest which is very straightforward.
> Upon running evtest (with root privileges)
> you will be presented with a menu of all devices it can monitor.
> You just have to type the associated number to select that device.
> Of course it's not pre-installed in the live version of Debian,
> or any debian,
> but you can install it just fine.
> $ sudo apt-get install evtest
> [...]
> $ sudo evtest

  note this from the package description:

"evtest is now in maintenance mode and doesn't support all the features of the latest kernels; evemu-record from the evemu-tools package should be used instead. "


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