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Re: VPN ideas

On Mi, 09 dec 20, 11:53:20, Celejar wrote:
> As to ProtonMail, as we've discussed in the past, I'm sort of tempted,
> but I'm not willing to give up standards based email, nor am I that
> interested in running their proprietary (albeit apparently GPL?) bridge
> application.

Yes, lack of IMAP/SMTP support is definitely a hassle and the bridge 
would just ad complexity.

One thing that is difficult to replace though is their support for 
encrypted communication with *non*subscribers.

> > I still have my contacts on Gmail, because of the convenient integration 
> > with Android, though I'd like to migrate those away as well at some 
> > point.

And some of my calendar, will migrate that to ProtonMail as well, as 
soon as the (limited) free calendar is available (currently still in 
beta and only for paying customers).

For the avoidance of doubt, I'm not affiliated with ProtonMail in any 
way, I'm just quite happy with their free services and their stance on 
privacy and freedom (including free software).

> At this point, I pretty much use Gmail only for public list traffic
> (although my other email accounts are also with (other) free services).
> I keep thinging I really should go with either one of the inexpensive,
> dedicated email providers (like Newsguy that John Hasler
> often recommends) or a self-hosting solution (but I'm scared of the
> apparently enormous hassle necessary to ensure reliable delivery, etc.).

Similar thoughts here, though I'm rather interested in Kolab Now.

This is already off-topic for debian-user so I'll stop here.

Kind regards,

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