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Re: VPN ideas

On Lu, 07 dec 20, 23:27:25, ellanios82 wrote:
>  Hi List   :)
>  - any suggestions please , for a handy VPN for everyday use : no specific
> purpose, but only to add a little more privacy ??
This is quite vage. VPNs are generally used for two purposes:

1. Connect a remote system (e.g. a laptop) to the "home" network
   (home server, company network, etc.).

   This is its originally intended use. Once the VPN tunnel is 
   configured one can work remotely as if directly connected to the 
   "home" network (barring speed penalties).
   This is especially useful in case some of the used services should 
   never be exposed to the internet (e.g. NFS or Samba).

2. Access the internet from a different point in the world

   This done for some increase in privacy[1] and/or to pretend you are 
   in a different location (country) and/or to hide your traffic from 
   your ISP.

   Unless you have access to a system on the internet to set up your own 
   VPN server you have to rely on (paid) VPN providers.

   Tor is also an option for this use case.

Which of the above would apply for you?

>  - and , is this a reasonable idea ?

Depends on the use case (see above) and/or your country and/or your ISP, 
internet connection speed, VPN provider etc.

[1] a VPN will just hide your public IP address and the traffic between 
you and the exit point. It doesn't do anything about your browser user 
agent, cookies and many other methods you can still be identified and 
traced on the internet, if this is what you are worried about.

Kind regards,

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