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Re: Advice on hardware server to use for small a dedicated data center

Actually, he seems to be designing a central database to support 2000 retail restaurants.

And based on most recent posts, seems to be pre-startup designing a product.

My sense is that what he really needs is somebody on the team who understands distributed enterprise architectures.


On 6/29/20 2:00 AM, Leslie Rhorer wrote:
    Not necessarily, and in particular not given his needs, if I recall them correctly.  LVM is fine for many purposes, but it is not required, nor is a network file system.  My servers at home have no partitions and no LVM, and I have the RAID system for the data volume formatted as XFS.  I use separate partitioned SSDs for booting and swap.

On 6/28/2020 3:48 PM, Miles Fidelman wrote:
On 6/28/20 3:58 PM, D. R. Evans wrote:

Dan Ritter wrote on 6/26/20 1:41 PM:
echo test wrote:

Note: I will need some RAID solution hard or soft.
We are firmly of the opinion that mdadm or ZFS are the best
solutions here.


Actually I'd go further and differentiate the two by suggesting that if you use ECC memory (which you definitely should for a business server) then ZFS is the way to go. If for some reason you can't use ECC memory, then mdadm is arguably the thing to use (although there is certainly a valid position that says that ZFS is /still/ the right one). At least, that's the way I have my
systems configured.

Just to be clear... mdadm is NOT raid - it's an admin program for managing linux raid (md) devices.  And then you need to worry about LVM (logical volume manager), and a network file system on top of them.


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