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Re: Advice on hardware server to use for small a dedicated data center

On 2020-06-29 10:40, echo test wrote:

> On 2020-06-28 18:58, David Christensen wrote:

ZFS requires a different way of thinking,

At what level do we have to change our mind?

Thus far, I have had to re-think operations, maintenance, and disaster recovery. As I develop software, I must re-think storage.

For example will this impact the way to think SELinux (normally no) ?

I do not use SELinux, so I do not know.

you have good backup and restore processes for your current systems?
What are your plans for the new systems?
Do you desire 24x7 operations, live maintenance, automatic fail-over,
high-availability, or similar?  If so, how?
What is your budget and schedule?  Manpower?

About the budget an manpower, we are creating a financial plan in order to
present it to our investors, so nothing is well decided for the moment,
that is why all your answers and suggestions are welcome and very useful.

I suggest doing an inventory of existing equipment and facilities. Then, compute replacement costs. Then document ongoing operations and maintenance activities, Then, compute ongoing operations, maintenance, and personnel costs. Use this data to plan the new data center.

What is ideal for 24/7 operations,high-availability and auto fail-over ?

Every person is going to have a different definition of "ideal". The starting point is identifying and applying metrics for measuring what matters to your company (and to your customers). Again, I suggest computer and network monitoring systems.

We're 8 in the team for the moment, 2 web and mobile developer and only 2
peoples know things about system and network (admin,security,..) but we
plan to get more peoples.
So please, suggest, in the worst case we will have learned more things.

This is arguably the best general book in its subject area. Everyone involved in the computer industry can benefit from reading it, especially managers and investors:

[1] https://www.pearson.com/us/higher-education/program/Brooks-Mythical-Man-Month-The-Essays-on-Software-Engineering-Anniversary-Edition-2nd-Edition/PGM172844.html

I liked this book for its specificity. There are many books available in this subject area, often connected to a "quality system". However, be warned that many people resist formal processes, and those that are supervisors may become offended by a subordinate who suggests such:

[2] https://www.pearson.com/us/higher-education/program/Mc-Connell-Software-Project-Survival-Guide/PGM280992.html


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