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Re: Advice on hardware server to use for small a dedicated data center

On Tue, Jun 30, 2020 at 01:27:05AM +1200, Richard Hector wrote:
> > I'll be original here. Try SunFire X-series (aka SunServer X). Somewhat
> > costly, and the hardware quality is a hit or miss in newer models, but
> > runs Debian stable like it was designed for it.
> I'm a little unclear what you're suggesting here - Sun Fire and Sun
> Server seem to be both retired names (according to Wikipedia, anyway ...)

I'm suggesting x86-64 Intel server with an Oracle logo on it.
I agree to call it whatever they call it at Oracle these days be it
SunFire, SunServer or whatever.
Whenever said server(s) will be bought from the Oracle, a certain
partners or, say, Ebay - I don't see how it can be relevant here.

> Are you suggesting Oracle servers in general?

Yep. I can say a lot of bad things about HPE hardware (but I won't, it'll
be off-topic), and I can't say anything good about Lenovo (those IBM
X-series were not bad, but it was a long time ago). Also, last one is a
political thing, and this list is an unsuitable place for discussing
political things.
I could also mention Huawei, but I won't - it's a political thing too.
Oracle servers (five years ago, at least) tend to Just Work™, barring
that usual "half-year after the purchase" time period.

Anything else is at least one tier lower so why bother discussing it?

> Personally, I'd require a lot of convincing to use anything of theirs ...

They don't pay me for this, I don't work for them.
Their support (both software and hardware) could use an improvement (to
put it lightly), but the hardware itself haven't spoiled for the last
5-10 years or so.


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