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Re: technical terms overhaul

Joe writes:
> Sorry to disagree, but 'tolerant' and 'politically correct' do not
> belong in the same sentence.

The term "politically correct" has been pretty much destroyed and is now
just an epithet always used with intent to insult.  It originated with
the far left to mean just what it says.  Example: I once overheard the
statement "There isn't a single politically correct grocery store left
in all of Berkley!" spoken by a frustrated woman who wanted to do the
right thing in accord with her ideology.

They overused the term and carried it it extremes as ideologues will and
then the right started using it to poke fun at them. They succeeded in
converting it to a term of derision, and that's what it is today.

> The politically correct are as intolerant as Puritans.

All ideologues are as intolerant as Puritans.  The latter were a prime
John Hasler 
Elmwood, WI USA

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