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Re: technical terms overhaul

Eike Lantzsch wrote:

> If we change the
> language it might change the mind little by little - or not at all.
> Depends on which influences on a person or group of persons is stronger.
> ("For mere oppression may make a wise one act crazy, ..."[2])

You have obviously no idea of how language works - you are trying
Language serves communication needs. Language follows our society.
So please - go change the real problems in society that is really not the
Let me give you an example:
Some 40-50y ago you did not like the word Neger, so it was replaced with
Black. You did nothing all those 50y to change the perception of black. Now
you have problem with the word Black ... I bet in 50y you will still have
the same problem.

As for me my children know very well what is white/black race and know very
well what means to be tolerant or in your language "political correct".
This proves that only through education/enlightment you can reach the goal.
Start educating yourself first!

Think about and have a good day.

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