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Re: [?]Identify BT Card, enable BT to pair with BT enabled Loudspeaker

I know almost nothing about BT, I just follow examples.

On Sun 21 Jun 2020 at 18:40:29 (+0530), Susmita/Rajib wrote:

> I need help with BT card identification in my laptop, enable it and
> pair it with a BT enabled loudspeaker.

> I have posted my query as usual in the Debian forums,
> The post is here:
> http://forums.debian.net/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=145792&p=718471

I looked at this and repeated the search on
    debian stretch 9.11.0 Broadcom Corp. BCM43142A0 Bluetooth 4.0
but I took out your debian stretch 9.11.0 and added firmware, to leave just
    Broadcom Corp. BCM43142A0 Bluetooth 4.0 firmware
because I'm not sure how relevant the kernel version is for firmware.

The sixth hit was

It claims to be a solution, though it's difficult to ascertain that
because there's no summary of the correct commands in the correct
order as the correct user: root.

> I assure you that, as always, I shall post a [Solved] post in the
> Debian Forums in the end of this experience for future users.

> A dedicated Debian and Knoppix user

I'm surprised Knoppix didn't get it to work. I *thought* their
distributions were inclusive (unlike Debian's), so that a larger
variety of hardware would be supported. But it's probably over a
decade since I used one.


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