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Re: Zoom- best practice?

On 6/8/20 12:06 AM, Nicolas George wrote:
Open Source is not enough.

I did not think it would be necessary to explain why Libre Software is
important here. It is not just a matter of possible malicious in the
code, it is a matter of being able to change it to suit our needs, to
fix it if there are bugs, to include parts into other projects. If all
of this is not possible, it is a dead-end project, a waste of energy,
only marginally better than closed-source surveillanceware.


An interesting point of view that I agree with.
It is a very delicate and important piece, which some consider a detail or do not pay attention to. But personally I agree with you, it matters.

But, do you mention this because of the jitsi license that is *Apache License 2.0 ?

Kind regards,
Anastasios Lisgaras

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