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Re: Zoom- best practice?

Russell L. Harris (12020-06-07):
> So? It is an open-source alternative to Zoom, and it works.  Of
> course, if you are worried that the builders put in something
> malicious or dangerous which is not in the open source repository,
> then you can turn to Zoom, or build your own, or do without...
> Though objectivity is prudent, we ought be promoting alternatives to
> Zoom, rather than torpedoing them.

Open Source is not enough.

I did not think it would be necessary to explain why Libre Software is
important here. It is not just a matter of possible malicious in the
code, it is a matter of being able to change it to suit our needs, to
fix it if there are bugs, to include parts into other projects. If all
of this is not possible, it is a dead-end project, a waste of energy,
only marginally better than closed-source surveillanceware.


  Nicolas George

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