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Re: Zoom- best practice?

On 2020-06-07 at 15:30, Russell L. Harris wrote:

> On Sun, Jun 07, 2020 at 08:37:55PM +0200, Nicolas George wrote:
>> tomas@tuxteam.de (12020-06-07):
>>> Yes, the server is free software. As is Jitsi's. So you can get
>>> the source, build yourself or download pre-built thingies.
>> Do you have evidence of somebody other than the authors themselves 
>> having managed to build it?
> A few months ago, I installed a Jitsi server from Debian packages 
> downloaded from the Jitsi web site.  The installation was on an old 
> machine (Intel or AMD64) running Debian (9 or 10).  I followed the 
> instructions in an installation video produced by Jitsi; the 
> installation was without difficulty.  I and a friend then 
> video-conferenced over the system; everything worked "as
> advertised".

Yeah, but that's not building Jitsi; that's installing a prebuilt Jitsi,
as shipped in those packages.

Presumably, as those packages are for download from the authors'
Website, the authors are the ones who built them. Thus, this doesn't
demonstrate that anyone other than the authors have been able to build

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