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Re: can't mount sdf1 in stretch, gparted claims its fat32

Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Monday 03 February 2020 23:56:47 David Wright wrote:
>> Well, at least one of my guesses was correct.
> FWIW, the reboot fixed the can't mount, both partitions on this sd card 
> now mount normally, but are on /dev/sde now since the were found at 
> bootup. I've had this happen before, back before the other mobo caught 
> fire.

  that is why i always put a label on a file system and
mount it using that in the fstab.

  i hate how devices can change out from under you 
otherwise.  some people use the UUIDs but i don't like 
those or have enough devices where i want to use them.
labels work very well for me.


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