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Re: KISS gpg

Nicolas George wrote:

> The problem is to run instances of gpg simultaneously: one to access the
> key without any risk of modifying it, one to do the work.

Looks like the only risk is you :)
How would you modify a key without wanting it?! 
As I mentioned before - to me it looks like your use case is invalid.

> Programs that make it hard to run several independent instances without
> a very very good user-visible reason are badly designed.

Unless it is desired to work the way it is - tell this to the gnupg
developers, they will enjoy it :), but as I mentioned before they are
pretty helpful and open for good ideas - who knows - perhaps they will
understand your need. I personally don't.

In fact you can run as many instances of gpg as you wish - only the agent
will be just one (started by the first instance) and it is good so - and
you understand now why, hopefully.

BTW there are many other programs - for example ssh, databases, apache
server etc., where you also can not run many instances ;-) - perhaps they
are also badly designed. 


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