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raspberry pi installation with debian installer

Hello Mailinglist,
Hello Gunnar,

I get the debian installer running on my rpi3.
This post is just to inform about the general possibility and for
documentation propose on debian wiki.

test with arm64 mode on rpi3b+

you need:
- sdcard with binary blob vfat partition (I use it from
- usb stick for arm64 installer

- download arm64-netinstall iso
- copy iso to usb stick (cp debian-10.1.0-arm64-netinst.iso /dev/sdx)
- copy vmlinuz and initrd.gz from stick to sdcard
- edit config.txt to boot vmlinuz and initrd.gz
- insert sdcard and usb stick to raspi and start
- follow the installer
- ignore missing firmware, brcmfmac43455-sdio.bin is wlan, can be
installed later (firmware-brcm80211)
- after installation is finished edit config.txt and cmdline.txt for
your needs and copy vmlinuz and initrd
from your root to first partition of sdcard (mmcblk0p1) that the binary
blob can boot this
- edit fstab (mmcblk0p1 mount as /boot/firmware)
- install raspi3-firmware (raspi-firmware since deb11) from non-free
(edit apt source list)

- not all languages are shown correctly in installer

Best Regards,

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