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Re: KISS gpg

On 1/11/19 2:51 am, Nicolas George wrote:
> Andrew McGlashan (12019-11-01):
>> reply-list works perfectly this end
> reply-list requires paying attention to whether it is a list or a
> private e-mail. That would be acceptable, but since there is a solution
> that does not require that extra attention, an inferior solution should
> not be chosen.
>> https://askubuntu.com/questions/777900/how-to-configure-gnupgs-s-gpg-agent-socket-location#860346
> Requires changing files in the home directory, which makes it complex to
> have several instances simultaneously, and will not confirm what socket
> is used. Too fragile and uncertain.

No, if you have the file S.gpg-agent in the alternate --homedir with the
right settings that point somewhere else for the socket, you can check
it's existence before and after invoking with --homedir

I'm not manually adding any reply-to header, no-one else has a problem
with "List-Post:" header  ....


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