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Re: KISS gpg

Erwan David wrote:

> The question was *which* product can be used.

I am not aware of such that runs under linux and I do not remember the time
I used pgp - but it was on company windows pc between 2002 - 2007.

So this topic is pointless - IMO there is no such tool for linux.

I also do not understand what is your problem with the agent.

You can not simply access others pgp private keys from lets say root - it
makes any encryption useless.

Login with the user that owns the key and do the work (if agent is
configured properly it will start on demand)

How comes that only you have a special use case that I do not understand?

I understand the question but not the usecase - perhaps the use case is
invalid, cause otherwise there would be a better solution for sure.

And regarding the export, if OP was reading the documentation, would
understand how to do it, but he refuses either to read or to understand
what is written there.

This specific use case is simple to test - keyword .gnupg/private-keys-v1.d


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